Hello my friends!! hope you had a blessed thanksgiving holiday in  company of your loved ones..

For us, we celebrated with friends and had a wonderful time, at dinner time, we said what we were thankful for.. it was really nice to be together.. My Oliver enjoyed turkey and ham!! and then of course he got some grapes, cause he loves fruit.. it was indeed a blessed day for us. 
So for today, I just wanted to share with you one of the facebook live events, this one was one of my favorites, as it uses the coffee break!! I love this bundle even though I don’t drink coffee! jijiji.

During this event we made one gift card and one card, the card has a special fold, though it is so simple, but I really love making cards with this fold time, and every time I have given one of these, the recipient oohs and aahs about how cute it is.. so give it a try..

 I think this set is perfect for gift cards and I have made these little cups for hot cocoa treat bags (check the image below), so far everyone has loved it!! 

Here is the video where I show you how to make the gift card and the card using the coffee break! hope you enjoy it!
Below is the supply list of items I used for these samples, if you want to recreate these and need to get any of these products, click on the image below and it will take you to my online store where you can purchase any of these items.. appreciate your support! 

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