How to make handmade cards using patterned paper

Have you ever wondered how to make handmade cards using patterned paper in an easy way? well today I am going share with you some tips and tricks to help you. Even better you will want to be using that patterned paper you have been hoarding all these years… Yes, I know you have a pile of patterned paper you are collecting and not using.. But believe me you want to use it and share it with your loved ones on each card you send. 

Making handmade cards using patterned paper 

Making handmade cards can be at times challenging, specially as coming up with ideas can be somewhat a problem. However using patterned paper can help you a lot in your crafting, mainly because majority of the times all paper packs coordinate one way or another. 

Stampin’ Up! for instance have patterned paper packs, also called designer series paper (DSP) which coordinate in colors and/or in design elements. For instance sometimes they coordinate the DSP with a suite of products, which is specially best to use when you are struggling with ideas. Mainly because everything coordinates beautifully. When you select a suite you most likely will be able to have a stamp set that coordinates, as well as embellishments, making the designing process much easier and more enjoyable.  You can see an example of this on this post, where I made cards using a suite of product, so the paper and the stamp set coordinate. 

On other instances you can just go and use as inspiration the designer series paper as inspiration, like I did on the cards you see below. I love doing this for papers where I might not have a whole suite of products available to me, or when I don’t want to invest on the coordinating stamp set.  (shocking! I know…😱 😉)

how to make cards using patterned paper

A few tips for designing with paper 

When I was designing these cards I wanted to use a stamp set I already have, rather than buying the coordinating stamp set. When you do that, there are a few of things to consider

  • Are there images in the patterned paper  you can cut out to use as an embellishment
  • Can you mix and match patterns on the paper pack that look appealing to you 
  • Do you have a stamp set that can be easily incorporated. TIP – Sentiment stamps set are usually best as they coordinate with almost everything
  • Pick easy sketches that can be used with the designer paper. TIP – the simpler the sketch is, the easier will be to incorporate the patterns

Thinking on these points will help you in the designing process, as you can see which sheets you want to use for your projects. By selecting these sheets, you will be able to come up with the color combo. 

The Color Combo, Sketch and other details 

Here you will see the color combo of each of the cards shown on this post for your reference, as well as the Sketch I used as inspiration and other details for the card. All cards were created using the Best Dressed designers series paper as well as the Abstract Impressions stamp set.

At the end you will also see the video tutorial, if interested in learning how I made each of the cards.   

Handmade Card #1

Easy sketch to make handmade cards    how to make cards using patterned paper

Color Combo: Purple Posy, Mint Macaroon, Whisper White  

For this card, I picked two paper patterns that would go best together, and then looked at sketches that I would like to try. For this particular card I did not have a stamp set that had the same type of flowers, but there were little roses on the patterned paper, so I decided to cut them out. These added a really nice embellishment without too much trouble. Also to add a little bit more, I added a piece of Mint Macaroon ribbon since I realized there was some Mint Macaroon leaves in the patterned paper. This was the  trigger for me to add Mint Macaroon to the color combo. 

Always look for the colors on the patterned paper, I feel like that always help me to get nice color combinations. this is easy, just look at the colors you have in the patterned and then bring the coordinated card stock to see if you like them together. 

To finish off this card, I added a little of Wink of Stella on the roses, this added a nice shimmer look without the mess glitter would generate 😁 so definitely a great idea if you like to have shimmery images. 

Handmade Card #2

Easy sketch to make handmade cards    how to make cards using patterned paper

Color Combo: Lovely Lipstick, Daffodil Delight, Old Olive, Whisper White

Same as with the previous card, I picked two sheets that coordinated well together. In this case I picked colors from the floral pattern to come up with the combo. I knew I wanted to show more of the floral patterned so that was my main element. The second pattern then became more of an embellishment to the card. 

As for the stamping, I made a similar look using the flowers and leaves images from the Abstract Impressions stamp set.  I used the same colors from the patterned I chose, this make it look very coordinated. To finalize this card I added a little bow using Old Olive linen thread. 

Handmade Card #3 

Easy sketch to make handmade cards    how to make cards using patterned paper

Color Combo: Petal Pink, Purple Posy, Pear Pizzas, Gold, Whisper White

For this final card, I did exactly the same as with the previous cards, I paired two designs that look nice together, and then looked for embellishments to compliment it. In this case I used the gold ribbon as it went really well with the yellows on the roses pattern. This pattern was actually the one that inspired me to pick the Abstract impressions stamp set! if you see it closely, there are some circle flowers that reminded me of the same image on the stamp set.   

Now did you notice the little white border I added to this card? this is from a new suite that will be available in April, so stay tuned my friend as there will be a release of new products on a few days 😁

The Video Tutorial 

As promised, here is the video tutorial to show you how to make handmade cards using patterned paper, on this video you will see step-by-step instructions on how to make the three cards shown above. 

Please note that because I show you how to make the three cards in this tutorial, the video is long. So make sure you watch it when you are winding up from your day 🙂

The supply list 

Below you will find the supply list for all the cards shown in this post, you can click to any of the images and it will take you to my online store where you can purchase any of these items.  When you purchase thru my online store you support my online business which helps me to keep bringing more card ideas for you! 

Want to remember this post for later? Save these Quick & Easy Friendship card ideas in your favorite board!

Easy friendship cards using patterned paper    Easy friendship cards using patterned paper

Easy friendship cards using patterned paper    Easy friendship cards using patterned paper

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How to make Birthday cards using one stamp set

Today I am showing you how to make birthday cards using one stamp set! After all, Birthday cards are usually the most popular card we need to make, and every month we have people in our live celebrating their birthday! 

How to make Birthday cards using one stamp set! 

The first think you need to do is actually selecting an stamp set that is catching your eye! the one you have been dying to use!  For me it was the Timeless Tulips! not sure if I have share this with you, but Tulips is my favorite flower! And when I saw this stamp set on the catalog, I knew I have to have it. 

Then try to stay with one color combo, so the creative process is easier. If you stay with one single color combo for your projects, you don’t have to be thinking in multiple alternatives for each card. 

Once the color combo is selected, then grab all your supplies in those colors. For instance patterned paper, card stock, embellishments, and any other coordinating item for the stamp set you selected.  Of course make sure that you have a Birthday sentiment to go with it, this might or might not be on the stamp set you selected. 

Finally start going thru sketches, cards, or any other sources of inspiration to get ideas for the cards you want to create. Most of the times, I prefer simple sketches, as I find it easy to incorporate any stamp set that way.  If I see a finished card, then I want to recreate the same card. 

You will see below the sketches and how these were incorporated in the cards I made.

Birthday card using Timeless Tulips stamp set from Stampin' Up!

The Color Combo

For thee cards I used the following colors:

  • Poppy Parade
  • Daffodil Delight
  • Old Olive
  • Basic Black 
  • Whisper White 

Birthday card #1

Use this sketch to create your cards  Learn how to make birthday cards using the same stamp set!

I used the following sketch to come up with the first card. As I mentioned before, I find it easier to use simple sketches to come up with ideas for cards, since it can be adapted to any stamp set you can think of. Don’t you think? 😉

The tulips on this card were done with an easy technique using two color of ink pads. Ink your stamp with the lighter color, and then using a sponge add the darker color onto your stamp, and then stamp your image. you get this nice two color effect on the tulips, making them look very realistic. 👉TIP: Make sure you clean your stamp in between each time, as you would stain your light ink pad by not cleaning before inking! 

In the video tutorial below you can see how this is done in case you have any questions. Also play with different colors to see what other combinations you like.  

Birthday card #2

Use this sketch to create your cards Learn how to make birthday cards using the same stamp set!

For this second card I used as well as simple sketch, however this card has a WOW factor when you open it! This is an easy to make pop-up card!! see the pictures below to see how it looks when you open this birthday card!

learn how to do this easy pop-up card    An easy pop up card!

Same as the previous card, the tulips were stamped following the same technique. For the instructions on how to make this pop-up card make sure you watch the video, as it is best you see how to put it together than me trying to explain it with words 😉

Birthday card #3

Use this sketch to create your cards Learn how to make birthday cards using the same stamp set!

Same as with the previous two cards, I used as well a simple sketch. For this card I embossed the card front using the layering leaves 3D embossing folder. I love how this adds dimension, especially when you are using mainly one color. In this case there was a lot of white when I first lay out this card, but after adding the embossing on the first layer, it really made it pop a lot!

I used poppy parade texture weave ribbon for the two lines on this sketch, but I could have used card stock instead. Always be thinking how to change elements on the sketch with embellishments, card stock or even designer series paper a.k.a. patterned paper. 

If you like this way of creating cards using sketches, you might want to check this other post where I show how to make three cars using the same sketch!

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

As mentioned before, here is the video tutorial for you to learn how to make these cards step-by-step, I go over measurements and instructions in more detail on this video. This video is part of my Facebook live that happens every Thursday at 7pm CST, so if you ever have time at this time make sure you join me live on my page! 

Warning –  because on this video I show you how to make the three cards, it is a bit longer, so I would suggest to watch it when you are winding down. 😁

The Supply List

Also if you are interested in getting the products I used to make these cards, by all means please click on the pictures below, they will take you to my online store where you can purchase any of this items! 

Your support helps me keep bringing you more ideas and inspiration!! 🥰 Thanks you! 

Want to remember this post for later? Save these Quick & Easy Birthday card ideas in your favorite board!

Learn how to make birthday cards using the same stamp set!    Learn how to make birthday cards using the same stamp set!

Learn how to make birthday cards using the same stamp set!   Learn how to make birthday cards using the same stamp set!

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Stampin’ Dreams Blog hop – Case a card

Stampin Dreams Blog Hop

Hi there!!! – Here we go again, it’s me participating in the Stampin’ Dreams blog hop for January!! make sure you hop with us as you will get lots of inspiration as you visit all participating blogs!!

I know it seems like lately I am participating in a lot of blog hops, but honestly I have fun at these and I get lots of inspiration when I play with them.

Also being very honest, I have my new resolution for 2020 that I need to step up on my blog and be more consistent with posting my cards in my blog. 

Committing to the blog hops keeps my behind on task.  It forces me to write even when I don’t feel like doing so to meet the deadline and therefore it helps me with consistency and accountability. 

Don’t get me wrong, I create cards on a regular basis, and in fact I share lots and lots of ideas on my Facebook page but I know I can do way better if I share those ideas as well in my blog!! what do you think?

What do you do to keep yourself on track on your NEW YEAR resolutions? for me is commitment with others..  It always force me to do better as I know others are counting on me and I definitely don’t want to let them down.

Blog Hop Theme – CASE a card!

OK, so back to our card project!!! The theme for this blog hop is actually CASE a card.  If you are not familiar with this term, let me explain it a bit. 

CASE means Copy and Share Everything! To be honest this is my favorite way to design cards! there are so many ways to CASE that I can go on and on for hours, but today I want to share with you one way I design my cards using patterned paper and CASE-ing (is that a word??? 🙄 )

Designing your cards with patterned paper 

This post has excellent ideas on how to design easy cards using patterned paper

For my cards today, I want to show you a quick an easy way to come up with your ideas with the CASE method. 

This was the idea I found on Pinterest to come up with the projects shown on my postFirst you find an idea for inspiration, in my case I found this Pin on Pinterest.  

Then, you see the elements that you like in the idea you are using for inspiration. 

In this case, I loved the layout and the fact that it was a card set. I also loved the use of designer series paper (DSP) for the background and the focal point. 

Finally, I loved how easy and simple these cards looked.  So when I decided this was the idea I wanted to CASE, I created an sketch to follow for my cards. 


The Sketch!!

Below is the sketch that follows the basic elements on the cards from the pin I wanted to CASE. 

Please note: I do not add all the elements from the card into the sketch, as you want to have a simple sketch to stretch your creativity, by thinking how you can play with it, how you can change it, or how you can exchange elements.

Sketch from Allie # 5

Having a sketch always helps you to follow a layout for a card. Additionally, it helps you to focus on the products you want to use.  I tend to do this a lot, to avoid copying exactly the same design.

You see, when you are watching the original card it sometimes can overwhelm you, thinking you might not have some elements on the collection of items you want to use to replace the ones you see in the card you are casing.

 Therefore, having a sketch takes that noise away, as a result you can think of what you have from the collection of products you want to use into your card. 

For example, the cards on the pin used linen thread under the circle, and in my case, I did not  add this to the sketch.  Similarly, you can see that for the sentiment, I added a banner on the sketch, however the cards on the pin do not have banners for the sentiment. 

Different sources to help you design your cards 

Since we have been talking about getting card ideas for you to CASE, I thought it would be helpful to share a list of sources you can use.

  • Old cards you have made in the past 
  • Stampin’ Up! catalogs (past or current)
  • Card magazines
  • Pinterest 
  • Sketches 

Additionally think of other ways you can CASE, in these cards, I used the layout for inspiration and that is what I copied for my cards. However, you can copy other things when CASE-ing.

The following ideas might be something to consider when designing your cards and CASE-ing. 

  • Color combos you liked 
  • Layout – as shown on these cards
  • Copy the same card, but change the colors or stamp set
  • Rotate the layout – if the card was made horizontal, try to make it vertical
  • Make the same card using another patterned paper collection 

I am sure these ideas will help you get your mind thinking on other ways you can design cards and make it easy, while getting a lot of sources to get lots of inspiration. 

Products used in these cards 

This post has excellent ideas on how to design easy cards using patterned paper This post has excellent ideas on how to design easy cards using patterned paper This post has excellent ideas on how to design easy cards using patterned paper






In the cards I am showing today, I wanted to focus on the Bird Ballard Suite from Stampin’ Up!, as I adore the designer series paper (DSP) and stamp set included in this collection. I then used the Follow your Art embellishment kit to compliment the cards. 

As usual, I looked at the back of the patterned paper pack (DSP) to get the color combo for my cards. This is the number one tip I can give you if you struggle with color combinations. Believe me, it never fails! 

For these cards I used the following color combos:

  • Calypso Coral, Basic Gray, Pool Party
  • Daffodil Delight, Old Olive, Soft Suede, Calypso Coral
  • Petal Pink, Soft Suede, Daffodil Delight, Pool Party 

At the end of this post you will see the full supply list of the products used for my cards. If you are interested in getting any of these products you can click at the pictures, and you will be taken to my online store, where you can purchase any of these items. As always I truly appreciate your support, this keeps me motivated in creating and sharing card ideas with you. 

Step-by-step instructions

Here is the Video tutorial where I show step-by-step on how to make these cards, I go over how I create the sketch from the pin I found in Pinterest and how I go about making decisions on mix and matching the designs from the designer series paper a.k.a. DSP or paper pack collection. 

Also, I go over the measurements and colors of the ink and cardstock. As a result you will get lots of information on this video. However, the downside is that the video is around 42 min. Therefore, I recommend you watch this one when you are winding down from your day so you can relax and enjoy it. 😉 

Blog hop line-up!

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, make sure you visit the rest of the participant blogs. 

You are invited

to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

Full Supply List of Products

And as promised, you can see below the full supply list of products I used when creating these cards. Thank you so much for your support and for stopping by today!


Want to remember this post for later? Save these Quick & Easy card Ideas in your favorite board!

learn how to design cards CASE-ing    learn how to design cards CASE-ing      


learn how to design cards CASE-ing    learn how to design cards CASE-ing   

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Monthly Team Blog Hop – Peaceful Poppies Suite from Stampin’ Up!

Blog Hop Banner

Hello there!!! Today I am again participating in a blog hop to bring you lots of ideas from around the world!! Believe me you will get tons and tons of inspiration when you hop with us and visit all blogs from my fellow Stampin’ Up! demonstrators!

I have no doubts that you will find lots and lots of inspiration and after visiting all the blogs you will want to go to your craft room and case some of the ideas from these blogs!

Now, as you can imagine, I have been saying a lot on my videos how much I love the Peaceful Poppies Suite from Stampin’ Up! and I have not been able to stop creating cards with this suite, so today, I am going to share another project using the Peaceful Poppies Suite. 

Peaceful Poppies Suite from Stampin’ Up!

If you are like me, I know that you will love all the elements from this suite! I am particularly drawn to the designer series paper in this collection, because the colors are just so bright that makes me happy!!! 

All the designs from the Peaceful Poppies designer series paper are just perfect for stand alone cards, meaning you don’t need much to make beautiful cards!  You can see it today with my easy to follow design. 

You can mix and match this same layout with all the different designs in this paper pack, in fact that would be a great challenge to see how many cards we can make using this same layout!! Sketch from Allie # 4

If you are up to it, let’s play and share some of your creations on the comments!! I know you will love all the cards you make with sketch/layout! 

Information about this card

Anyway, back to the card project I am sharing today. I used both of the stamp sets included in the Peaceful Poppies suite, which are the Painted Poppies and the Peaceful Moments. 

I love that one of the sets is sentiments only and the other is poppies images! this really helps so much with the designing of the card, as everything coordinates nicely! 

As far as colors being used, I used the Blackberry Bliss for the card base, and Old Olive for the mat, as both colors were included in the DSP color palette. I don’t you if you know that but that is my biggest secret when it comes to color coordination.. I always look in the back of the paper pack to get colors that can go together. After all if these are great on the design of the sheet, it will as well on a card! 

Birthday card using the Peaceful Poppies Suite from Stampin Up!

Now as far as the sentiment, I die cut it with the brand new Stitched So Sweetly dies! which are fantastic!! seriously! they have some many images for labels plus the cute set of scallop rectangles that are so in trend! 

For the stamping, I stamped off the poppy image with Gray Granite in a scratch paper and then stamped (without re-inking) onto the whisper white label, and then I stamped the sentiment with Rich Razzleberry.

And to embellish this card I added a little zigzag with the Poppy Parade Textured Weave Ribbon, it adds somethings and pulls all colors together, don’t you think? 

Step-by-Step video tutorial

As usual here is a video tutorial in case you want to see step-by-step instructions, I go over measurements for all the pieces of the card. 

If you are interested in knowing all the specifics of the products I used I have added a supply list at the end of this post, as well as a Pinterest image in case you want to save this card idea for later in one of your favorite boards.

Blog hop list!

And as discussed at the beginning of this post, here is the listing of all the blogs participating in the blog hop! Make sure you visit all of them as I know that you will love getting all the ideas from this talented group!

Supply List

Here is the list of all items used in this card, if you click to any of the images it will take you to my online store, where you can purchase any of these products. As always I truly appreciate your support!

Want to remember this post for later? Save these Quick & Easy Birthday card Idea in your favorite board!

Easy to make Birthday card using the Peaceful Poppies Suite from Stampin Up!

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Make a quick & easy Halloween card using sketches

Hello there!  Today I am going to show you how to make a quick and easy card using sketches, and over the next few days I will sharing other Halloween projects. This will help you get ready for Halloween in no time!  Come back to this blog to check out the new projects!  

As you can see, I am participating in a monthly Blog Hop with Kylie. Be sure to check the other blogs participating in this blog hop. You will get tons of inspiration as you hop around with us.  🙂  Let’s get ready!

Quick and Easy – Halloween Card using Sketches


What do you need to get started?

Excellent question! When I come up with quick and easy cards with sketches, I try to see if I have designer series paper (patterned paper) that has big images that can be either cut, punch, or die cut. These will really help you in making your projects go super easy and in no time. 

Why do I start with an image that I can cut?  fair question. The reason is because when you start looking for a sketch to make your card, you can use this image as main element of your card, so it is easier to see what type of sketch you need when you have selected that image.

Since this card is for Halloween, lets make sure you look for paper that has cute pumpkins, witches, monsters, or any other related image that you can cut.  And while you are already looking for Halloween themed patterned paper, look for another sheet of designer series paper (patterned paper) that could go well with the images you have cut. 

Stampin’ Up! does great when it comes to patterned paper, as they have a collection of sheets on each pack that works pretty well together. You cannot go wrong when choosing two sheets from the same pack! The card, I am showcasing today, uses the Monster Bash Designer series paper!  

Once you have selected the patterned paper, then see which colors will coordinate with those images. You can pick the card stock for the card base, sentiments, as well as the ink colors that you will be using.

Finally you need to pick embellishments! you can pick ribbon, rhinestones, stickers, etc. This should color coordinate with the colors selected on the previous step. 

I have the supplies, now what?

The next step in putting your card together is to come up with an sketch. I recommend going into Pinterest and look really quick for a sketch that catches your eye! but notice I said REALLY QUICK! lol cause I know you can easily fall into that rabbit hole where you start looking for something in Pinterest and three hours later you are still looking for that idea or inspiration 😀  Believe me I know!! 

One of the things to look for in a sketch, is for it to be simple without many layers, specially if you are new to using sketches. This will also help if you want to come up with quick and easy cards that you can make in no time. The truth is, simpler sketches are so much easier to follow and to put together. 

Also, keep in mind the image you selected on the previous step when selecting a sketch. In my project I have a Witch frame that is a circle, so that helps me visualize what kind of sketch I need to use.   

Do not use complex sketches. Complex sketches tend to confuse or overwhelm people, because you need to interchange the pieces on the sketch with real paper, and people get frustrated trying to come up with 4 or more colors and paper that can go together. I try to only use 2 to 3 patterns or colors, and so if the sketch has 2 to 3 elements it is easy to substitute these element when making your card. 

To help you get in and out of Pinterest without falling into the rabbit hole, I have created a board on my Pinterest account that you can see HERE

On this board I have save sketches that I consider to be easy to follow, to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. You can go in and out really quick from Pinterest and grab a sketch that will work for you! 😀

I have chosen a sketch, what is next? 

Once you have the supplies you want to use, and have chosen your sketch then the fun begins!! It is time to put your card together! 

Let me show you what I did here on my card! You can see the sketch I used on the left, and on the right you can see the actual card using elements from the sketch. 

If You pay attention to the card, you will notice that I altered a little bit the sketch by adding a few things, for instance I added a scalloped circle behind the Witch, and I added ribbon under the scalloped circle as well as some rhinestones on the side of the card.

You see, that is the secret to using simple sketches! They have room for you to add more things to embellish and your card looks even better. Don’t you think?

Use this sketch to come up with quick and easy cards!     Learn how to do a quick and easy Halloween card using sketches!

 Specifics on this card! 

Now that you saw the behind the scenes of how you make quick and easy Halloween cards cards using sketches! Let’s talk about this card in specific.  

As I mentioned before I used the Monster Bash designer series paper. I love that this pack includes two sheets of frames with monsters, as you can cut all of these in one afternoon. Cutting these images ahead of time, makes it super easy to put all your Halloween projects in no time! No kidding! You just need to put paper and card stock together, add the cut images to your project and you are 90% done.

I am using the Witch frame image from the designer series paper, but I decided I wanted to add a scalloped circle under it to pop up the Crushed Curry (yellow) from the Witch image. The scalloped circle is from the Layering circles! This set includes multiple sizes for circles and coordinating scalloped circles, so it is a great set to have!

Following the sketch, I used two different sheets of patterned paper that goes well with the witch frame I had cut. Since these came from the same designer series paper pack, they color coordinate really nice. I glued down these paper. Please note that the banner ends on the strip was cut using the Tailored Tag Punch. This punch has became my favorite ever! You need to have this one on your collection!

I stamped the sentiment from the Spooktacular Bash stamp set, and punched it out with the 1 1/2″ circle punch.

As for the ribbon, I have a GREAT tip!!! you can color the metallic edge ribbon using the Stampin’ Blends! WHAT??? you read it well!!! you can color your ribbon with alcohol markers and get any color that you want! Is this not the coolest tip?  Again You are welcome! ha ha ha!

So now that we have all the elements ready, I glue everything together following the sketch.

Watch the Video tutorial on Facebook  or YouTube!

  IF you want to see how this card was created, you can watch the video HERE!  – I will upload this as well on YouTube, and once this is completed I will add it here, but in the meantime you can watch the video on this post from my Facebook page  – Update – the video is uploaded in the YouTube and on this post! .

Also, make sure you check at the bottom of this post all the supplies I used to make this card, you can click at the images and these will take you to my online store where you can get all these products! 

Want more Halloween ideas to get inspired?

If you want to get inspiration from past year’s Halloween cards you can click on the images below and these will take you to the post where you can see the details on these.. While these products might not be available, they follow the idea of sketches and patterned paper. You can easily substitute these with what you have available already 🙂

Learn how to make a quick and easy Halloween card   Learn how to make quick and easy Halloween cards  Learn how to make quick and easy Halloween cards 

Thank you so much for stopping by and for taking time reading this post! Let me know in the comments if you will try to use sketches for your next project, or if you have any other secret to make quick and easy cards! I love to learn from all of you!! 🙂

Don’t forget to see the rest of the blog hop! I know you will get tons of inspiration from the people participating today! 🙂 The line up is below!

You can click on this image to go to my online store


Want to remember this card or post later? Save this Quick and Easy Halloween Card using Sketches in your favorite board! 

Learn how to make a quick and easy Halloweeen card using sketches






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Freshly Made Sketches # 319 – Valentine cards

Hello Friends!! here is another card using a sketch from Freshly Made Sketches (FMS), I have been enjoying lately using these sketches and challenges to get inspiration for the cards I create.. 

What I like about FMS is that their sketches are very clean and prompt you to make a quick and easy card, don’t you think? here is the sketch from this week.. 

I decided to use the painted with love suite and showcase the gorgeous designer series paper (DSP), all the sheets on this DSP pack has gold foil!! so I promise you, all your projects will look spectacular when using this DSP!! 

I added a little heart that I had die cut in gold glimmer paper, this heart is from the sure do love you bundle.. and the sentiment is from the petal palette stamp set!! 

This one is one of the four cards that I created during the last Facebook live event on Jan 11, you can see the full video here.. 

Also don’t forget to see the gallery for all the participants using this sketch HERE

If you don’t know about it, I hold a facebook live event every Thursday at 7pm CST on my facebook page HERE, you can like or follow my page and request notifications to know when I go live!!! 

Also new in 2018, Every month I will be sending a card kit to make Four cards to everyone who places an online order $30 or more using the hostess code of the month.. it is important to use the hostess code as this is the way I will know who will be getting the monthly kit.. Please note that while I will send all the supplies you will need to provide the stamps, as I cannot send stamped images per Stampin’ Up! policies. 

For January, the hostess code is 9NJERZVY 

And don’t forget that Sale-A-Bration is still going on!! For every $50 you spend you can get an item for free from the Sale-A-Bration brochure! check it out!! click on the image below to see the items available!!! 

Below is the list of products that I use to make this card, you can click on the images below to go to my online store where you can purchase these items. 

I appreciate your continuous support 🙂 

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