Color Combination for Card Making

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Do you like challenges? If so you will enjoy this one, as it is about color combination!! everything goes as long as you use the color combination we showcase!! Additionally I am participating on the blog hop as I think you will get lots of inspiration of how to use this color combination for card making projects! 

I love playing with challenges and this type is becoming a favorite of mine. I will be honest, this color combo was a bit more challenging than the previous one. Mainly because I was thinking so much of flowers, and there was no green on this combination.. So I literally had to look at other ideas.. 

I thought of incorporating foliage in the Sahara Sand color, however it was looking a bit sad, 😂 or at least my card was looking that way, and I was going for a different feel. So then I decided to look for “shapes” not so much of an image like flowers, and then it hit me!! BANG!! Why not doing a fun background with watercolor!!! 

This was when I got all excited and my card design started flowing immediately.. has that ever happened to you?  You start with one idea and then something hits you, so that you change route and get all excited with the new idea that everything falls in place perfectly.. this is really how it felt for me this morning!!! 

And this my friend, is why I love challenges!! it really forces me to get creative!! So whenever I don’t feel my mojo, I look for all sorts of challenges, whether these are sketches, playing with specific products or a color combination for card making. It never fails! Give it a try and you will see what I am talking about!!   

I am also secretly uber-excited to see what the team is creating today!! specially cause like I mentioned before I thought this color combo was a bit  more challenging for me.. So make sure you see all the participating blogs on this blog hop!! I am sure you will love seeing what everyone came up with this color combination for card making!! 

So without further ado, here is my card!!! TA-DA!!! 😎

Color combination for card making

The Color Combination

So as you all see in the banner the color combination for this challenge is the following:

So when I was designing this card I was 100% sure I wanted to use the Sahara Sand as the card base of my card. Being a Neutral color it makes it easier to color coordinate with almost any other color. 

Brand NEW water paintersFor the background – I really wanted to play with watercolor, and try the new water painters.

The new water painters have three brushes as you can see on the picture on the left. Now you have a wide, medium and fine tip for the brushes, which will help you a lot when watercoloring different type of images or backgrounds. 

I definitely wanted to try a stripy background. I have been wanting to give it a try ever since I saw the new wide tip brush water painter.. And oh my!! It was super easy!! believe me no need to have a steady hand lol.. 

To make it all come together for my card, I added the Misty Moonlight lines in between the Highland Heather stripes using the finest tip brush of the water painters.. 

So you can see that overall the background was easy peasy to put together!! give it a try! I definitely want to try this background with so many other color combinations for sure!!! 

Card Sketch, Measurements and Instructions

The Sketch

sketches to play           Color combination for card making

For this card I used a card sketch that I have previously showcased a few months ago. I love this type of sketch whenever I am working on my background, as It makes it easy to feature even more the background you are creating. 

This could also work if you want to use Designer Series Paper (DSP) a.k.a. patterned paper, if you want to feature the beauty of and specific design, this sketch would be perfect as well! 


Below are the measurements of the cardstock I used for this card.  I am also sharing with you the full supply list at the end of this post for you to see all the products I used. 

  • Card base – Sahara Sand 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and scraps to die cut 
  • Misty Moonlight : 4 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ and strip of 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ 
  • Watercolor paper: 4 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ 


  1. Fold the card base in half using the bone folder
  2. Paint the stripes onto watercolor paper with Highland Heather ink using the wide tip brush water painter.  Tip: for the new ink pads you can grab the color with an acrylic block so you can pick up the color from it with your water painter easier  
  3. Paint the lines onto the watercolor paper with the Misty Moonlight ink pad using the fine tip brush water painter. Paint these lines in between the stripes you paint on step 2
  4. Let dry the watercolor paper and then glue it down onto the Misty Moonlight cardstock
  5. Tap the Misty Moonlight strip with the embossing buddy. This will help get the embossing powder only on the areas where you stamp with the versamark
  6. Stamp with versamark the sentiment onto the Misty Moonlight strip and add white embossing powder 
  7. Using the Heat tool, apply the heat onto the embossing powder until you see it melts completely
  8. Cut the end of the strip with the Tailored Tag punch to get the banner shape on the end of the strip
  9. Die cut the swirly flower and leaves from the Well Written Dies in Sahara Sand
  10. Glue the die cut onto the card front and color it with Wink of Stella to add a shimmery look 
  11. Glue the sentiment onto the card front with dimensionals 
  12. Color with the Dark Highland Heather Stampin Blend the rhinestones and add them to your card

The blog hop 

As mentioned above, this post is part of a blog hop where we all are sharing what we came up with this color combination! so make sure you check out all the blogs participating on this blog hop as you will get lots of inspiration and of course you can see how everyone used this color combination for card making! I know you will love to see all the projects! 

next blog participating


The Supply List

You can see below the full list of Items I used to make these cards, if you click on the images below it will take you to my onlline store where you can purchase any of these items. I truly appreciate your continuous support  🥰

click here to go to my online store

Want to remember this post for later? Save this easy-to-make Thank you handmade card idea in your favorite board!

how to make an easy thank you card following a color combination






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Thank you Cards easy to make

Are you looking for Thank you cards easy to make? if so make sure you keep reading to this post as I will be sharing three cards using the same supplies to spark your creativity. So let’s get started! 

Three Thank You Cards Easy to Make

Today’s post is about making easy cards, and this time is all about Thank you cards! These three cards use the same supplies and so they can be a set. You could make two of each of them and then package them as a gift set! Who wouldn’t like to get such a thoughtful gift? Right?

Three Easy Thank you cards to make

If you have been following me, you know I love making cards using the same supplies, mainly because I want to share with you how you can make multiple cards using the same products and get different looks. And today is not different! I used the new in-color designer series paper with the new bundle Celebrate Sunflowers. 

The Celebrate Sunflowers bundle includes this big sunflower image, which you can color with so many techniques. For these cards I am showing you an easy technique though, as my intention is to show you that you can make beautiful cards, even if you think you are not creative 😉

I will talk later on about how to color them, and also I have included a video tutorial below so you can watch how these cards are made from beginning to end. I don’t know about you, but I am a visual person, so I always prefer to watch video tutorials rather than reading instructions. Are you the same? 

After selecting the products I want to use, I always look for a sketch to follow. Therefore in this post you will see the sketches I used. You can then easily recreate these cards with any products you have, just follow the sketch.

The Color Combo 

Once the products and the sketches are selected, then it is easy to look for the color combo that goes with the products you selected. For these cards you can see the color combination below. 

Details on the Thank You Cards

In this section you will see the sketch as well as other details on the cards. If I can share with you a tip about picking your sketches, it is to pick something simple, as these are easy to use. 

Let me explain a bit more, when you have a simple sketch, you can change things around easier and usually these spark your creativity even more as these are easier to modify, like changing shapes.

Thank you card #1

sketches to play        Easy thank you to make

For the first card you can see I follow a very simple sketch, but changed the circle for a sunflower.  As far as coloring the sunflower, let me share this technique as it is an easy technique when you don’t have much time to color. 

You stamp the image on color card stock using a darker shade of the same color. so in this case I stamped the daffodil delight card stock with crushed curry ink color. Then I added color in the center of the flower using a sponge. This added the brown color on the center. And finally I went back with a sponge and crushed curry and added a bit of color to the flower itself, just to add more color and interest to the sunflower.  You will see in the video that this is very easy and takes no time!

If you want to see this technique make sure you watch the video tutorial at the end of this post. 

Thank you card #2

sketches to play        Easy thank you to make

Similarly to the first card, this second card is as well super easy to make. It is a similar sketch for this time on a landscape direction.  The sunflower was colored the same way as in the first card. 

Thank you card #3

sketches to play        Easy thank you to make

For this final card, you can see I used a sketch with more layers, however it is still very simple and easy to follow.  Same as with previous cards, the sunflower follows exactly the same process to color it. 

One thing to note is that the sunflower has a coordinated die, so no cutting with scissors, which makes it even faster to put together these sunflowers!  

The Video Tutorial 

As usual here is the video tutorial where I show you how to make these cards step by step. I go over measurements and other tips to make these cards. Additionally you can see the technique I explained to color the sunflowers!  Hope you enjoy it! 

The Supply List

You can see below the full list of Items I used to make these cards, if you click on the images below it will take you to my onlline store where you can purchase any of these items. I truly appreciate your continuous support  🥰

click here to go to my online store

Want to remember this post for later? Save these Thank You card ideas in your favorite board!

Three Easy Thank you cards to make      Thank you cards easy to make

Thank you cards easy to make      Thank you cards easy to make

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Three easy-to-make Thank you cards

On this post I will be sharing with you a few tips on how to make three Easy-to-Make Thank You cards using the Tropical Chic stamp set! 

What I love about these cards is that all of these do not use patterned paper, but instead use the stamps to create the pattern on the background of the cards. I love doing this as it makes it easy to have a “patterned paper” in any color that you might need. 😉 So let’s get started with these easy Thank you cards!

Three Easy-to-Make Thank You Cards 

For these cards I decided to use one stamp set, in this case the Tropical Chic. When you are thinking of doing a patterned background with stamped images it is good to consider the following:

  1. Does the stamp set have bold images?
  2. Does the stamp images in the set come in different sizes?
  3. Is there an image on the set that you can use as a filler?

I find that if the stamp set you pick meets these characteristics most likely it will be easy to use for a patterned background.

In this case you can see that the Tropical Chic stamp set has bold images with the leaves; it has larger and smaller leaves and a small flower; and finally the dots/seeds images can be used as a filler on the background.  

three easy-to-make Thank you cards

Once you have selected a stamp set to use, then it’s time to look for inspiration for a color combination. I usually go to Pinterest to get ideas. Another platform that I am recently using is Instagram.  I’ve noticed that I can find a lot of cards for inspiration. 

However, please be careful and limit your time ⏰ as you can get into an Instagram/Pinterest rabbit hole and spent a lot of time without deciding what you will use as inspiration. I find it very helpful to set my clock for 10-15 min and look as quickly as I can and then decide what I will use from whatever I saw in that time frame, otherwise I will spent the whole day and would not have time for crafting. 

The Color Combination 

The color combination on these cards is the following: 

  • Shaded Spruce
  • Granny Apply Green 
  • Grapefruit Grove
  • Whisper White 

Sketches and other details 

Below you will see the sketches for these cards as well as other details. Using sketches when making cards makes your process easy as you can adapt it to any stamp set or paper you have. 

As a tip –  using simple sketches is always best, specially if you are starting, as it is easy to change the pieces with the products you have chose to use. 

Thank you Card #1

sketches to play      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

In this first card you can see that the full background was stamped simulating patterned paper. The key thing is the way you stamp the images; so follow the next steps and you will see it gets easy and your pattern will look nice every single time!

  1. Larger or bolder images go first 
  2. Stamp the images randomly and changing directions
  3. Stamp smaller images in the areas in between the larger images.  *TIP – Using a lighter color for this image is best, so that if it overlaps with the larger images it does not clash.
  4. Use the filler image in the areas where you still have empty/white space * TIP – Use a dark color for this image as it adds contrast

Thank you Card #2

sketches to play      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

This card has as well the background stamped however, it is a smaller area of the card front.  So play with the space you want to stamp, and see the different backgrounds you can get; Also you can play with the direction of your card. For instance in this case the card base is vertical, but you can make the card horizontally. 

By the way make sure you watch the video tutorial on this post, as I show you how to stamp multiple die cuts using the stamp positioner “Stamparatus” to save time when you have several stamped images that need to be die cut, like in this case the little flower. 

Thank you Card #3

sketches to play      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

For this final card the background was simpler, as I stamped tone on tone with only one leave image. So this type of background is definitely easiest as you only need to fill your cardstock with one stamp set. The one tip here is to stamp the images randomly and also not full images, if you see the edges of the cardstock you will see what I mean. 

Also did you see the green stamped leaves on this card? I have a cool technique to get the two-tone leaves with sponges that you can watch in the video tutorial below.

The Video Tutorial

Here is the tutorial where you can see how to make these cards step-by-step.  I show you how the backgrounds are stamped, how to use the Stamparatus when you have several die cuts to stamp as well as how to make two-tone stamped images.  I am sure you will enjoy this video. 

The Supply List

And as usual you can see below the full list of Items I used to make these cards, if you click on the images it will take you to my onlline store where you can purchase any of these items. I truly appreciate your continuous support  🥰

click here to go to my online store

Want to remember this post for later? Save these easy-to-make Thank you handmade card ideas in your favorite board!

three easy-to-make Thank you cards      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

three easy-to-make Thank you cards      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

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How to make three handmade cards using patterned paper

Joy of sets blog hop

Today I will be sharing with you how to make three handmade cards using patterned paper and products from the same suite, which in this case is the Magnolia Lane Suite from Stampin’ Up! 

But before anything else, let me tell you that today I am participating in a blog hop with fellow card makers and we will be showcasing you cards with the theme of Flowers! so if you love flowers you will surely enjoy this blog hop!! 

How to make handmade cards using patterned paper 


Let it go! and cut your paper! 

So as I was mentioning before,  I wanna take the opportunity to share with you a few tips on making handmade cards using patterned paper. You know I love the designer series paper (DSP) a.k.a. patterned paper and if you are like me, you might have as well a room full of DSP!!! 

You love admiring every single sheet you have and fear to cut it! cause you love all the designs and can’t part with it.. 

I know I am that way, and in the past I would not cut my precious paper! However for the past couple of years I changed my view and decided to hoard no more paper! lol 😂 and actually use it..

At the end of the day, every year there are tons of new paper that get released, and therefore there are tons of paper I want to buy.. But I cannot get more paper in my house if I don’t use it. So you can see my dilemma right? what a pickle? lol 🤣 And this was the reason why I decided to cut my paper and start making cards with it!


Why using patterned paper in your handmade cards?

As I started to incorporate more patterned paper into my cards, I discovered that making cards got even easier and faster to make!! Seriously!!

Using the paper will help you by getting:

  • Instant inspiration from the paper you cut 
  • Color combinations,  and if you are using Stampin’ Up! it gets super easy to make the card as everything is color coordinated! 
  • Cut outs from the DSP that work as embellishments, so you might only need to add sentiments to your card, and as simple as it sound the card turns out amazing 
  • Ideas to Mix and match sheets from the same paper pack to get stunning cards just with the beautiful designs on the sheets

 I hope by now I have convinced you to jump ahead and start using your patterned paper when making handmade cards!! I know you will see how easy this gets! give it a try!  I promise you, you will not regret it! 

So with all this said, lets see how to make these cards! 

how to make handmade cards using patterned paper

These cards were made using Magnolia Lane suite from Stampin’ Up! which as you can see it is stunning! I love the magnolias and the different ways you can use this collection to have flowers on your cards!!


The designing process when making handmade cards

I will share here a few steps I take to make handmade cards in an easy way!

  1. Select a designer series paper or paper pack of your liking and from it select the sheets that call your attention
  2. Using the colors from those sheets select a color combo you want to use for your cards – TIP: I typically pull out a piece of cardstock for each of the colors in the paper pack and put them together to see which ones would be well together
  3. Pull out stamps or embellishments that coordinate with the paper pack you selected. Note: If you use a full suite, then this step is super easy as everything coordinates. 
  4. Look for sketches to select layouts you want to try for your cards
  5. Make the cards and have fun with it!


In the following sections I will be providing more information regarding the cards showcased in my post today. 

The Color Combo

So following the colors on my paper I selected the following colors for my cards

  • Mossy Meadow
  • Basic Black
  • Whisper White 
  • Petal Pink

Handmade Card #1

sketches to play       how to make handmade cards using patterned paper

For this first card you can see that the sketch is an easy one to follow. I really encourage you to start with easy sketches without many layers, this makes it easy to replace the pieces with the elements from the paper pack you are using. 

You will notice that I mix and match the designs on the DSP, and you can see how nice it looks just with the paper. I added a simple sentiment and a flower that I colored with alcohol markers. Very easy to put together and I feel like it has a wow factor.. 

Handmade Card #2

sketches to play      how to make handmade cards using patterned paper

For the second card you will see again a simple sketch. Now for this card, i used the DSP as the background for the flower I added.  Again you can see how I just added a flower I put together using the dies from this collection and a sentiment at the bottom. 

Even though the card is very clean in its design it has an elegant look and it was again supper easy to put together. See how the patterned paper is helping the cards to look great! 

Handmade Card #3

sketches to play      how to make handmade cards using patterned paper

And for this last card, I love the sketch, same as the past two, this one is as well very simple, very clean!

You will notice on this card that I use the patterned paper for the embellishments. These two flowers were from the designer series paper. You can cut them with scissors or with dies, in my case I use the dies, but if the DSP does not have a coordinated die set, you can use scissors.

I love, love, love cutting elements from the designer series paper, this makes the card even easier. As you can see I only stamped the sentiment and that was it, yet the card looks amazing If I say so myself 😉

Magnolia Lane Card Class

If you liked the cards in this post you might want to check the Magnolia Lane Card Class on my PDF Store, this class will show you even more examples on how to use your patterned paper for more cards that you can recreate over and over with any paper pack you have! 

You can read more about this class here 



The Video Tutorial 

As usual here is the video tutorial where I show you how to make these cards, I give you the measurements, tips and tricks on how to make each of these cards.. Please note that this video is long as I show you how to make all three cards in this video. 😁 

If you are interested in the full supply list you can click here to download it


The Blog Hop Line up

Remember to visit all the blogs participating in this blog hop! I know you will love to stop to every single of them as all the projects are super cute!  you can go to the next blog by clicking on the button below or on the links below with the full line up!

Next Blog

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Andrea Tracy-Tucker

Want to remember this post for later? Save these Thank you –  Thinking of you handmade card ideas in your favorite board!

how to make handmade cards for your friends      how to make handmade cards for your friends

how to make handmade cards for your friends      how to make handmade cards for your friends


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Retiring soon! Picka a pattern DSP and Pieces and Patterns stamp set

Hello Friends!! Here I am featuring another card using the pick a pattern designer series paper and the pieces and patterns stamp set, you can see from this week’s posts that this set is super versatile and you can get different looks with the designers series paper and this stamp set!! 

As mentioned previously, if this is one of your favorites on your wish list, make sure you get this set before it is gone for good!! 

This card also used the one big meaning stamp set for the Thank you sentiment, and sadly this stamp set is as well retiring.. 🙁

Here is the video tutorial, so you can see how easy this is to make this card, I really have been enjoying doing quick and easy cards that can be made in no time, but they are still really cute! I am sure you will enjoy watching the video. 

Also here is the supply list for all the items I use to make this card, you can click at any of the images to go to my online store, where you can purchase any of these items!! thanks a lot!! I truly appreciate your support, also don’t forget….

April Hostess Code VS7XJUV3 

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Quick and easy card for Fall

Hello my friends!! This is my first blog post, and I am truly excited to start this journey with you.. 
I have been sharing my work online since June 2017, but it has been mainly on YouTube (HERE) and on my Facebook page (HERE) and Facebook group (JOIN HERE), and now I will start sharing it here!! I am extremely excited but also nervous!! I think this is a huge commitment!! Anyhow.. my goal is to be blogging around 3-4 time a week, which is about the same that I do on YouTube, so I am planning for this to be the same..
So for my first post I want to share a quick and easy card for Fall, it is October already and we need to start getting ready for Thanksgiving cards, don’t you think??
I used the stamp set Pick a pumpkin (which is beautiful, and the coordinating dies are awesome!!!), and the painted harvest for the sentiment! 

You can see the video tutorial where I show how to make this card, you will see that this is so easy to recreate!!

And below you can see all the items I use to make it, so if you want to duplicate this card, and need some of the supplies I would love for you to support my business by purchasing at my online store.. 
you can click on the images and it will take you to my store where you can get the item you clicked.

If you would like to place an order with me during October 2017, please used the hostess code E3KBUWGQ, please see the following picture to learn how to enter this code in the shopping cart when ordering online..  I am sending a card kit to make Four cards featuring the painted Autumn DSP to anyone that places a $35+ order during the month of October using the hostess code.



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